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aerodrome precise timing on track during veldrome aerodynamic test with elite cyclist
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Sale price£525.00
  • High accuracy wireless lap timer.
  • Enables high accuracy CdA direct to your bike computer lap by lap.
  • Live track-side data monitoring via a laptop.


Box Contents

  • Aerodrome device.
  • Tapeswitch cable.
  • Start-up guide.
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aerodynamic velodrome cyclist using aerosensor cycling system in Denmark

timing is everything

The final piece of the aerosensor cycling system

aerodynamic velodrome cyclist using aerosensor cycling system

Millisecond accurate timing

aerodrome, a wireless lap trigger with a tapeswitch, marks the start and end of each lap with sub-millisecond accuracy and transmits it directly to aerosensor.

In velodromes the track shape has an influence on the drag measurement due to the lean angle of the bike. Knowing where the bike is on the track allows us to account for this and give a highly repeatable measure of drag from one lap to the next.

Timing information is transmitted wirelessly directly to aerosensor, with an accuracy better than 1ms, synchronising track position with its internal calculation and allowing compensation for track shape, resulting in a highly repeatable drag measurement.

velodrome cycling data, using aerodrome

instantaneous results

See Your Data, Lap By Lap, As You Ride

aerodrome, precise timing by a track cyclist

Increased repeatability

The CdA and laptime is instantly transmitted to the cycle computer, allowing immediate comparison to the previous lap through the CIQ app, and recording to a FIT file for easy post-processing.

Accurate timing can significantly improve aero accuracy in the velodrome, giving incredible repeatability.

The combination of aerodrome and aerosensor give you affordable, personal, world-class aerodynamic testing.