aerosensor product bundle with aerosensor and aerodrome titled the track package
aerodynamic velodrome test with aerosensor on TT bike with Fusion Sportswear
aerosensor cycling device with promotional packaging
aerodrome cycling device with promotional packaging

ACS Track Package

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The ACS Track Package includes:

  • Aerosensor real-time aerodynamic drag measurement device
  • Aerodrome wireless lap trigger


  • ANT+  bike speed or speed and cadence sensor.  
  • ANT+ power meter.  
  • Garmin bike computer with API level 3.1.0 or above.   
  • Go-pro style mount, available separately.

acs track package includes:

aerosensor cycling device with promotional packaging


Real-time drag measurement device.

aerodrome cycling device with promotional packaging


Wireless lap trigger.

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unprecedented accuracy

The track package

Introducing the ACS Track Package, designed exclusively for track cyclists seeking the ultimate edge in precision and performance.

This track-focussed package includes two essential components: Aerosensor and Aerodrome.

Aerosensor, a revolutionary aerodynamic drag measurement device, provides real-time, accurate insights into aerodynamic efficiency, enabling cyclists to optimise their position for maximum speed and performance on the track.

Paired with Aerodrome, a wireless lap trigger, this package enhances lap tracking , giving track cyclists the advantage of seamless, automated lap measurement during intense training sessions.

Together, these components create a cohesive system that equips track cyclists with the tools to refine their aerodynamics and lap timing, ultimately pushing their limits and achieving peak performance on the track.

Push the boundaries of track cycling with the ACS Track Package, your gateway to superior performance and precision at the velodrome.