Your personal wind tunnel

Real-time aerodynamic data direct to your Garmin

Drag measurement

Calculates aerodynamic drag by airflow measurements using our patented design with data from your speed sensor and power meter.

Body position sensor

Your virtual coach: head and chest positions displayed and recorded live on your Garmin, reminding you to stay aerodynamic.

Wireless lap trigger

Timing accurate to 1 millisecond allows aerosensor to deliver high accuracy aerodynamic drag data on track, every lap.

No more guesswork

You’ve trained hard to get more power.  Don’t risk losing power with the wrong setup!

No more science projects

Setup in less than 15 minutes. Instant, reliable, actionable data direct to your bike computer.

No more expensive wind tunnel testing

Make aerodynamic testing part of your training program at a time and place that suits you!

Who cares about being aero?

You should!

At 25 mph (40 kph), over 80% of your power is used to overcome air resistance. You can achieve faster speeds and greater comfort by taking aerodynamics seriously.

Traditionally, measuring aerodynamic improvements was limited to costly wind tunnel testing. These sessions, while valuable, do not fully replicate real-world riding scenarios. 

Aerosensor gives you unprecedented aerodynamic insights you can trust on the road or the track.

Make every Watt count.

From F1 to cycling...

Aerosensor was founded to bring F1 level aerodynamics measurements to real-world cycling.

Former F1 aerodynamicist Dr. Barney Garrood PhD developed a portable system allowing simultaneous measurement of aerodynamic drag and body position whilst cycling.

Today, Aerosensor continues to evolve, transitioning from its roots in R&D to a company dedicated to bringing cutting-edge aerodynamic insights to cyclists and triathletes worldwide.

And back again...

We now offer our proprietary air flow measurement probes to the aerospace and automotive industries, while also returning to our roots in F1, showcasing their versatility and exceptional quality.

Our committment is to make aerodynamic data accessible and actionable for cyclists of all levels through our innovative Aerosensor Cycling System.

How it works

Aerosensor combines data from your ANT+ speed sensor and power meter with its own measurements of altitude and wind conditions to calculate your aerodynamic drag coefficient, CdA. This is displayed in realtime on your bike computer.

Change your body position or equipment and see the results for yourself. No more guesswork, no more expensive aero testing.

Make the road your own personal wind tunnel!

How well does it work?

Better than a wind tunnel!

Comparing Aerosensor on an indoor velodrome to wind tunnel data, Aerosensor excels in accurate drag measurement.

When testing discs of known aerodynamic drag in both the wind tunnel and indoor velodrome, we have shown that aerosensor can detect changes equivalent to just 2 Watts at 50kph, surpassing the precision of conventional wind tunnel testing.

Accurate, reliable aerodynamic data that you can trust for optimising performance.

Image of Koen de Kort, Lidl-Trek Team Support Manager
We aim to be the best and that means looking for innovations, discovering the smallest detail that can make a difference, thinking ahead of our competitors. We need technical partners able to take us to the next step. For us, that’s Aerosensor.

Koen de Kort, Lidl-Trek Team Support Manager