aerosensor product bundle with aerosensor and aerobody titled the body package
aerosensor road bike test with aerosensor and aerobody devices
aerosensor cycling device with promotional packaging
aerobody cycling device with promotional packaging

ACS Body Package

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The ACS Body Package includes:

  • Aerosensor real-time aerodynamic drag measurement device
  • Aerobody body position sensor


  • ANT+  bike speed or speed and cadence sensor.  
  • ANT+ power meter.  
  • Garmin Edge bike computer with API level 3.1.0 or above.   
  • Go-pro style mount, available separately.

acs body package includes:

aerosensor cycling device with promotional packaging


Real-time drag measurement device.

aerobody cycling device with promotional packaging


Body position sensor.

aerodynamic road cyclist, using aerosensor and aerobody devices

unprecedented accuracy

The ACS Body Package

Introducing the ACS Body Package, a specialised and meticulously crafted solution tailored for road and track cyclists seeking peak performance and aerodynamic excellence. This exclusive package includes two essential components: aerosensor, an aerodynamic drag measurement device, and aerobody, an advanced body position sensor.

aerosensor provides real-time, precise aerodynamic drag data, enabling cyclists to optimize their riding position and minimise resistance for enhanced speed and efficiency.

Complementing this is aerobody, offering detailed insights into body position and posture, helping cyclists achieve the most aerodynamic and comfortable riding stance.

Together, these components form a synergistic system that empowers cyclists to fine-tune their form and technique, maximising aerodynamic advantages for an unparalleled competitive edge on the road or track.

Elevate your cycling experience and unlock your true potential with the ACS Body Package - a must-have for those committed to reaching the pinnacle of performance.