Multi-hole Probes

Multi-hole probes allow measurement of the full 3D flow velocity vector.

We have developed sintered solutions that both reduce the probe head
size and increase the operating envelope. We can produce a 5 hole probe with a diameter as small as 6mm.

Measure full 3D flow vector

Probe diameter down to 6mm

Additive manufacturing = bespoke geometries

Range of materials

Calibration data for each probe

Multi-hole Probe Key Facts
Measured parameters Total, dynamic and static pressure, 3D flow vector
Dimensions Minimum diameter 6mm
Speed range (in air) Up to 68m/s
Yaw/pitch angle range 3-hole +/-35° yaw only;
4-hole +/-35° yaw / pitch;
5-hole +/-45° yaw / pitch
Temperature range 4 Up to 1000°C
Material options Stainless Steel, titanium, Inconel
Customizable options 3, 4, 5 hole, optional static ring
Head geometry – spherical, conical, faceted
Probe head diameter
Stem shape & length
Base mountings & connectors
Bespoke design services available Arrays of multiple probes
Combination with other probes and sensors

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