Kiel Probes

Kiel probes are designed to measure the total pressure with insensitivity to wind yaw and pitch angle. Used in a wide range of applications, they have become particularly popular used in arrays known as “rakes” in Formula One.

We can provide anything from individual probes, large quantities of removeable Kiels for an array, or a fully designed rake which combines other sensors such as thermocouples.

Accurate total pressure at
a range of angles

Additive manufacturing =
bespoke geometries

Modular, removeable,

Range of materials

Kiel Probe Key Facts
Measured parameters Total pressure
Dimensions Minimum diameter 1.6mm
Speed ranges Up to M1.0
Yaw/pitch angle range ±45°
Temperature range Up to 1000°C
Material options Stainless Steel, titanium, Inconel
Customisable options Probe size
Mountings & connectors (incl. removeable / reuseable)
Stem shape / length / head alignment
Bespoke design services available Arrays of multiple Kiel Probes
Combination with other probes and sensors

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