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Welcome to Aerosensor...

Welcome to Aerosensor’s brand new website and online store!

Back in 2016, Dr Barney Garrood, our founder and CEO, began looking at developing a device to measure real-time cycling aerodynamic drag with wind-tunnel standards of accuracy. Leaning on his 20 years of experience as a Formula 1 Aerodynamicist, Barney's aim has been to drive forward the cycling aerodynamics market into something accessible for all.

After over 180 design iterations, blood, sweat and no doubt tears, we are delighted to announce that the aerosensor cycling system will be available to buy from 9am BST on Tuesday 3rd October 2023. 

The Aerosensor Cycling System (ACS) comprises the following components:

  • Aerosensor real-time aerodynamic drag measurement device.
  • Aerobody non-contact body position sensor with 1mm accuracy.
  • Aerodrome wireless lap trigger with sub-millisecond accuracy.

There will be discounted packages and stock will be limited in the first production run.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy testing!