About Aerosensor

Who We Are

Aerosensor was founded by former F1 aerodynamicist Dr. Barney Garrood PhD, to create a portable aero performance optimisation system for road, track and time-trial cyclists.

The result of 4 years of research and development, and over 180 design iterations, Aerosensor is a completely new aerodynamic probe design offering unprecedented accuracy in real world drag measurement.

Over the course of development two other products have been developed to measure body position and laptime. The Aerosensor cycling system allows simultaneous measurement of body position and aerodynamic drag, accurately synchronising that to track or road position. This offers an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy in aerodynamic optimisation at an affordable price.

Together the devices offer a complete portable aero test system, wirelessly reporting performance data in real-time to the cyclist.

Founder, Dr. Barney Garrood PhD, has many years of experience as a Formula One aerodynamicist at teams including Ferrari and Mercedes, with experience of wind tunnel, CFD and track testing methods.

A keen cyclist, Barney wanted to apply his experience in F1 aerodynamics to measure aerodynamic drag on the road, just as he used to at the track in his F1 days. The challenges are very different but the underlying physics identical.  Barney Has 20 Years Of Experience In F1 In The Wind Tunnel And Track At World Championship Winning Teams Including Ferrari, Mercedes And BrawnGP.

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