Garmin Connect IQ


Aerosensor Cycling System app lets you get the most from our unique system of aerodynamic development devices.

Aerobody Datafield

View your body position as you ride, in the context of your favourite data screens with a datafield dedicated to Aerobody.

FIT file tools

Excel tools for Windows and Mac

Import Aerosensor FIT files directly to excel, and perform basic out-back and velodrome analysis.

Fit to CSV for Windows

Simple tool to convert FIT files directly into CSV files for import into excel or other software.

Live lap viewer

Aerosensor lap logger

View and log lap data trackside on a Windows computer.

ANT+ dongle driver

Windows driver for ANT+ USB dongle.

Updates and troubleshooting

Aerosensor Updater

Update your firmware to the latest version. Only works on Windows (Mac in progress).

  • Install .msi file
  • Run 'AerosensorUpdater'
  • Plug in Aerosensor device via USB-C and click update.
  • click "Check for updates" to check it has updated.

ANT+ logger

If you are having difficulties getting Aerosensor to work with your ANT+ devices, use this tool to log the sensor data to send to us.

  • install .msi file
  • Run 'ANT_Logger'
wko cycling training programme


Chart layout for viewing Aerosensor data in WKO V4 or V5.

(01.11.23 Update)

Note that WKO does not show the lap or session data, only the record data, which is the time history.

CAD files

The CAD files are provided for free use; however, users assume all associated risks. Aerosensor disclaims any responsibility for loss or injury resulting from the use of these files.

Current Aerosensor stay

Includes stay and fairing, plus assembly.

Updated Aerosensor stay

One-piece stay expected January 2024.