democratising aerodynamics

The road is your personal wind tunnel

Aerosensor is a portable real-time cycling aerodynamic drag measurement device with unrivalled accuracy. Based on a patented¹ probe design it gives peerless repeatability in practically all wind conditions.

The device connects wirelesly to the bicycle speed sensor and power meter using Ant+. Combing this data with its own measurements of dynamic pressure, wind yaw angle, and altitude it calculates the aerodynamic drag coefficient (CdA), and transmits that to a Garmin cycle computer for display and logging using our CIQ app.

¹Probe design patented in the UK, US and Japan; pending in Europe.

real-time data

live data streamed directly to your Garmin

unprecedented accuracy

Using our patented probe design, aerodynamic drag, CdA, is calculated using Aerosensor’s proprietary algorithm with a high level of accuracy.

Wind Speed +/-0.1%
Wind Angle +/-0.1°
Altitude +/-10 cm
CdA +/-1.5%
Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing
Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing