take testing to the next level

sub millisecond timing direct to your garmin

aerodrome uses a tape switch to mark the end of each lap with sub-millisecond accuracy and transmit it directly to aerosensor.

Accurate timing can significantly improve aero accuracy in the velodrome and on the road, giving incredible repeatability.

The combination of aerodrome and aerosensor give you affordable, personal, world-class aerodynamic testing.

instantaneous results

see your data lap by lap as you ride

Wireless Transmission

Timing information is transmitted wirelessly directly to the aerosensor, synchronising track position with its internal calculation and allowing compensation for track shape, resulting in a highly repeatable drag measurement.

The CdA and laptime is instantly transmitted to the cycle computer, allowing immediate comparison to the previous lap through the CIQ app, and recording to a FIT file.

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Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing