get aero, stay aero

Measure your body position

aerobody uses optical sensors to measure the positions of the head, torso and abdomen relative to the stem.

During wind-tunnel tests, velodrome sessions or time-trials it is near impossible to maintain a constant body position as the rider fatigues. Body position is the single biggest driver of performance¹. aerobody instantly alerts the rider to deviations in body position and allows correlation of positioning to aerodynamic drag.

Competitive cyclists can spend thousands of pounds optimising position in the wind tunnel, without knowing if they can maintain it on track.  Until now.

²Jeunkendrup and Martin, Sports Med 2001: 31(7): 559-569.


Understand how your body position affects drag

Keep your optimal body position

Using our CIQ app, a datum can be taken for the optimal body position on the bike. The app instantly alerts the rider to any deviations from their aerodynamic optimum.

The data is accurate to within 1mm, and the CIQ app records body position data throughout the ride to a FIT file for comparison with aerodynamic drag data.