15th June 2023, News

Production Update – 50th Tunnel Test

The main news this week is that we received the latest “T2” moulded parts from our injection moulders. The button area has a type of rubber (TPE) “overmoulded” on top of the plastic. Although a well-established technology, they are having more problems with the flow of the liquid material in the mould tool than anticipated, meaning that on aerobody and aerodrome the keypad is not adequate quality. They are modifying the mould tools right now to basically increase the flow rate of material so that it completely fills the mould tool before beginning to solidify.

Here are a few images to show where we are at.

Aerosensor lids and aerobody sides are looking great – we are very happy with these.

Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing
Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

However the button/LED area has some voids that need addressing on both aerobody and aerodrome (which otherwise is also looking great).

Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing
Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

Due to the way we are working with the manufacturer, we can’t get the aerosensor plastics until everything is signed off, sadly.
In other news, we did the final calibration of aerosensor on Monday. Our 50th wind tunnel test across cycling and motorsport! We had to make some minor modifications to the design for production so had to recalibrate. Good news is everything performed perfectly.

Thank you once again for your support. We are tantalisingly close now. Other than the injection moulding issue, which we are told should be straightforward to fix, there are no barriers to production as soon as we receive the final plastics.
We will continue to keep you posted via our website and Instagram.

If you’d like to get in touch regarding our devices, or if you have any questions please contact us at hello@aerosensor.tech