8th September 2022, News

Production Update – We are fully funded on Indiegogo!

We are so pumped to have achieved our funding target on Indiegogo!  its been a stressful 5 weeks, pushing hard to get the word out there, but we blew through our £45k target and ended up with over £50k of funding!  Thank you to everyone who has supported our project.  It makes all the difference, and YOU have allowed us to make our dream a reality by bringing our products to market!

Our campaing now moves to “InDemand” mode, meaning you can still order our devices, but at 10% discount instead of the initial 25% discount we initially offered.  In due course we will open an online shop on our website, allowing people to buy our products directly from there.

Over the last few weeks we have been busy testing: indoor velodrome in San Sebastian; outdoor velodrome in Halesowen and road testing with Ronan McLaughlin of Cycling Tips in Northern Ireland!  We have got some great data and lots of feedback on usability of the system.  We wil be using this valuable feedback to refine our system before we ship products in February.

Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

In other news, we have finalised an agreement with a new investor, who as well as bringing a substantial cash injection, also brings a wealth of business experience to your team.  Keep an eye out for the announcement in the coming days on our social media channels.

With money from our two investors, income from our motorsport arm, and of course the Indiegogo funding we are in a very strong position going forward.  We have hired an engineer to join our growing team in December (again an announcement will be made in due course).  So we really have everything we need to launch a great product next year.

Our focus now shifts fully to finalising the device for production.  We are working with industrial designers to optimise our devices for production – we will keep posting updates here, and on our social media channels.

If you’d like to get in touch regarding our devices, or if you have any questions please contact us at hello@aerosensor.tech