8th June 2023, News

Production Update – Certification

As we get ever closer to shipping our products there is a lot going on right now at aerosensor.  We are working hard to get everything perfect before sending out first devices to our indiegogo backers.  So far so good – we have hit no major problems so as it stands we are still on track for shipping to them soon.

The first circuitboards have arrived ready for testing before we start the final production run.  Apart from a minor modification required on aerodrome, everything is working well so we expect to start producing the production volumes imminently.

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Having made some final adjustments to the plastic mould tools, we expect the “T2” samples to be moulded by the end of the week, and we should have them around the middle of next week.  These will have the final surface finish, branding and black rubber keypads so will be the first time we have a final visual representation of the final product.

To keep the size of our devices down, aerobody and aerosensor are actually bonded together using a glue film.  This involves quite a complex die-cutting process to get the correct shape.  We expect to receive the first rolls of this die-cut tape next week.

In other news, our CEO and founder Barney took two of each device for certification testing in Chandler’s Ford, UK.  The devices will undergo three days of testing involving mapping the radio emissions from the devices, checking for interference from other radio frequencies (by blasting them with radiation from different angles, orientations, and wavelengths from 600kHz to 6GHz), and finally checking for no adverse effects form electrostatic discharge.  Passing these tests allow us to put CE, UKCA and FCC markings on the boxes: a requirement for sale in the EU, UK, and US.

Below are a few pictures – look at our little aerosensor in that big lab!  Its like taking our baby for its first jabs.

To make sure we were able to get results from the devices during these tests we used a desk fan for wind, and a windscreen-wiper motor for the aerodrome tape switch!

Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing
Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

Finally, we’re working with a supplier for custom on-line data analysis and hope to be able to officially announce this exciting partnership in the coming weeks, as well as opening our online shop.

We’ll put more regular updates on Instagram and our mailing list, so be sure to follow us and register interest!

If you’d like to get in touch regarding our devices, or if you have any questions please contact us at hello@aerosensor.tech