1st December 2022, News

Production Update – November 2022

A brief update, we have been working hard on the production design, to achieve an aesthetically pleasing product which is light, robust, and of course gives you the quality and high accuracy data you would expect from us.

On aerosensor, we were planning on shipping plastic injection moulding parts.  However as the design progressed we realised that making aerosensor injection mouldable will require changes to the design which are likely to affect performance.  This means we would need to wind tunnel test and potentially iterate on the design which would further delay shipping.

So we have decided to stick with the original design and produce in black anodized Aluminium.  This is how our current prototypes are manufactured, and the quality and feel of the products is awesome.  Much better than we would be able to achieve in plastic.  We have found a way to do this which is cost-effective, so likely something we will stick with in the future.  As previously mentioned the lids will be a rubberised construction, allowing robust sealing around the buttons.

Our pre-production prototype boards for aerosensor are currently in production.  We are making 10 sets to prove out the latest design, and pending testing on that by the end of the month we will launch full scale production on these boards.

Our other devices are likely to be 3D printed.  Latest technologies mean that we can achieve a very high quality finish on the products, similar to injection moulded parts.  The cost of this is higher than injection moulding, but it gives us the opportunity to continue iterating on design, and make updates if necessary before committing to tooling.

In other news..

This month we have completed the paperwork for our latest investor, Joachim Ritter, who is a keen track cyclist and successful businessman.  As well as bringing valuable experience of building a company from scratch, and his enthusiasm for track cycling, his investment puts us in a very strong financial position going forwards.

Today our first full time employee starts work with us.  Marcus Bridgland has a masters degree in Aeronautics from Southampton University and 5 years experience in industry.  Marcus will be helping out with design and production management, as well as providing customer support for you, our customers!

Sales on Indiegogo have been paused for now.  As we are now finalising production details, we have a clearer picture of the costs of manufacture, and will therefore need to change our pricing strategy.  For now it made sense to pause sales whilst we finalise these details.

Finally, we would like to once again thank you all for your belief in aerosensor.  This can only happen with the support and belief of people like you, and we are excited to reward your faith with some fantastic products!

If you’d like to get in touch regarding our devices, or if you have any questions please contact us at hello@aerosensor.tech